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About us

Awesome Food Supplies Pty Ltd (formerly known as JR Meat Trade Pty Ltd) has been supplying quality meat, poultry to restaurants, butchers, and supermarkets for over 12 years.

We are one of the biggest meat wholesalers, targeting Asian markets. Our team has extensive experience in meat wholesales and possesses highly skilled butchering techniques. We have a massive freezer and cool room that covers almost over 800 cubic meters, and we maintain our facility by not only being clean but by having well-organized workplaces as well. All products are packed and delivered via refrigerated fleets.

Furthermore, we are committed to having excellent service by providing our customers with high quality fresh and processed customized meat cuts in accordance with the Standards of the Australian Meat Industry. We also are licensed to operate by the NSW Food Authority.

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Phone: 02 9648 2550
Fax: 02 9648 2990
Mobile: 0424 329 777(Message Oniy)
Trading Hours: Mon-Fri (07:00-15:00)
Sat (07:00-12:00)
Address: 15 Fisher St, Silverwater, NSW 2128

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